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Cell Reversal Therapy

Cell Reversal Therapy

Cell Reversal, which I consider the Fountain of Youth, is an anti-aging process that turns back the body clock, reverses the cells and lengthens the telomeres of your body.

The Cell Reversal client chooses a younger age that he/she would like their body and cells to be – making sure it is an age where the client was healthy.  Doing the Cell Reversal Protocol, the cells will reverse and the telomeres will lengthen until the age the client has selected has been reached.  A telomere test at the beginning of the Protocol and at the end of the Protocol is mandatory.  This test will show you the length of your telomeres before you start and the length of your telomeres when you have finished the Cell Reversal Protocol.  The longer the length of your telomeres the younger your body.

When I started my process (the Cell Reversal Protocol), there were no telomere tests available.  The test became available when I was almost finished reversing my cells.  When I was through with the Cell Reversal process I took the telomere test– my test results were 9.88 out of a possible 10.  When I called the lab to ask what age my telomeres were, they could not put an age to my test results.  So I contacted an anti-aging expert (just one of his specializations), Todd Ovokaitys, MD, and asked him if he could tell me what my test results meant – I wanted to know the age of my telomeres.  He said my telomere elongation would place me “in the teenage years to early 20’s for this attribute”.  I forgot to mention that I am 68 years old.  

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